Portfolio Description




Web Interface Design

Website Development


Vina Securities is a finance securities company based in Vietnam. They provide services for investment banking, investment consulting, research centre and mergers and aquisitions. They were looking for someone to build a new website, and rather than just do that, we wanted to create an online platform for Vina Securities to reach out and communicate with their existing and new business partners as well

The strategy

Most websites in Vietnam tend to be full of information, with very little breathing room in between sections. On top of that, the target audience for Vina Securities is considered more B2B – they are people with very little time, or patience to sift through a lot of irrelevant content. We decided to build a website that would go against the grain of what is expected in Vietnam, something that is clean, with plenty of breathing room between sections. In order to successfully do that, we needed to carefully distill down content, as well as strategically arrange them on the site according to website best practices

The Work