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The People At Work


Website Development

The Brief

People At Work is a regional group with search expertise across a number of industries: consumer goods, e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, automotive, heavy industry and private equity/venture capital.

They need a re-designed website in order to refresh their brand, drive more traffic as well as re-organize their content in a more effective way for users to read and understand.

The Challenge

The client wants all images use for the site are all adventurous sports such as hiking, mountain climbing, motor racing etc. which might lead to UX miscommunication that People At Work is sport related site.

The Work

We focused on emphasizing their service from the Homepage so users can have a general understanding what People At Work is about. We have re-designed the logo and given them a new site guideline so it looks clearer 

Website: The People At Work has a consistent style and theme that we have carefully selected when we re-design the website for them. The site is easy to navigate and showing enough information on what The People At Work has offered.