Portfolio Description


SingEx Holdings 2020


Brand Identity Design
Web Interface Design

The brief

(A) To revamp the brand vision and also to create a design that will be able to transpire the essence of a Digital Playground online, synergizing the digital campaigns and interactive features within the web functions and features
(B) To be able to create an overarching key event id that has continuity and able to be adapted to other artwork such as collaterals, edm, web banners, FB postings
(C) To generate more web traffic and click through from the new design
(D) To generate hot spots of click through across the event id
(E) To differentiate SITEX from the rest of the other competitors in terms of brand and brand vision

The challenge

Can exploring an IT Fair/Show be actually fun and not just about bargains and technicals? How do we put Fun in selling everything technology and technical for a wide range of people – young/old, tech savvy/not so savvy?

The Solution


To facilitate readability of the “sitex” text, we created a completely new font for our proposed logo. Featuring curved edges, this original font adds a softer, friendlier appearance to the otherwise rigid straight edges.

Below it, the “your digital playground” text uses a modified font, and also emulates retro video game typefaces. our rationale for this: It relates to the intended audience and recalls a sense of familiarity.

Key Visual

Digital playground

The visual consists of vectors and illustrations that showcase a “digital playground”. Each of sitex’s representing experiential zones is reimagined as different types of fun, adult ‘playgrounds’.

Modular assets

Designed to be modular, which not only enhances the playful, gaming vibe but also facilitates the ease of promoting each zone individually.