Gangnam Crispy Chicken

Portfolio Description


SingEx Holdings 2020


Brand Identity Design
Web Interface Design

The brief

In conjunction with their 10th anniversary, 4FINGERS wanted to release a limited edition flavour to celebrate. The focus of the campaign was on a gochujang based sauce, thereby showcasing the brand’s roots with respect to Asian-styled fried chicken. Importantly, it was also one of the rare occasions in which 4FINGERS launched a limited-edition hand-brushed sauce in addition to their signature flavours, Soy Garlic and Hot.

The strategy

Design: The overarching concept leaned heavily towards Eastern iconology and stylisation, melded with a bold, streetwise contemporary vibe. Subtle Korean characters (Hangul) adorn the background in a monogrammatic pattern. Hangul is also used to describe the flavour profile of the gochujang-based sauce, which was what the design focused on. 4FINGERS wings & drumettes are placed front and centre, nestled within the swipes of red that not only symbolise the hand-brushed sauce but also draws the audience’s eye to the chicken. A modular 10th anniversary badge was also created.

Media: Broadly categorising the audience into 2 buckets, we ensured that the user journey is clear and simple. Existing fans of 4FINGERS/fast food are served ads that focus on the limited edition new flavour to try out, while unconvinced prospects are led to a sure-win mini-game to encourage them to visit 4FINGERS outlets. Our media strategy employed broad-based targeting that focused on reach and impact while still remaining cost-effective

The Work

Gangnam 2