Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic

Portfolio Description


Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health


Social Media Strategy

The brief

Eu Yan Sang, a brand that offers traditional chinese medicine, is looking to expand onto social media, so as to attract the millennial crowd.

The strategy

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a rich history that spans more than 2000 years and is filled with knowledge. It is also recognised by medical professionals to work, but is often an area that leans towards an older demographic. In order to increase EYS’ market share, we embarked on a project to develop the communication strategy of EYS on social media – who is the brand, and how do they sound like? We curated and planned content that emphasised Eu Yan Seng’s holistic approach to total health and well-being. By using vibrant and engaging content, our aim was to encourage people to choose EYS for their needs by educating them on TCM, and how it may improve one’s life. In order to establish the brand, we ensured that a uniform identity was achieved.

The Work