4 Fingers: Burger Bonanza

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4 Fingers


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Burger Bonanza

The brief

To conceptualise and amplify 4Finger’s timed price promotion, which used price promos as a hook to encourage sales. Meal combos are sold at $7.95 instead of the
usual $10.95 price tag. On top of that, 4FINGERS released not only 2 new burgers, it also included a brand-new side, the kimchicks.

The challenge

Communications that focus on price promotions devalue a brand, which is not what a premium fast-food brand like 4FINGERS should do. Additionally, the introduction of new menu items brought an additional layer of challenge due to the multiple messages for consumers.

The Solution

How do you convey value to the consumers without coming across cheap? Together with 4FINGERS, we reshaped the campaign to focus on the value of variety instead of the value of a cheaper price. Renaming Savers as Burger Bonanza, the key visual clearly communicates the variety of options available, with captions highlighting new menu items. A separate engagement campaign was also undertaken during this period to showcase each of the new menu items available to whet the appetites of consumers.

Our media strategy however, focuses on sieving out audiences who would take note of the $7.95 price tag. In addition to targeting existing 4FINGERS audiences through a mix of location-based and behavioural+intent targeting, we also broadened our audience groupings with groups like ‘Students’, ‘Cost-conscious fast-food enthusiasts’ etc. This ensured that people who are always on the lookout for a good deal will be aware implictly of the price value of Burger Bonanza.